Fairy Tale..

It was dark. She stood near the fireplace and slowly opened the yellow book which shined like gold in front of the blazing fire. She smiled as she read each page of that book.  All the things that she had dreamt of  began to weave its magic in front of her eyes. A small tear slowly made its way down gracing her pale cheek.

She suddenly heard a voice, “Alice, where are you?”

She looked at the book for one last time and wiped her tear hurriedly.

“Oh you are here. I searched you everywhere.”

She turned,  looked into his eyes and thought, “Maybe realities are much better than fairy tales.”

She slowly loosened her grip and let the book make its way to the fire.

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Stress Testing..

Red, blue, orange, green. She saw all sorts of colors floating in front of her eyes and voices filled with laughter hitting her ear drums. She looked into her watch, “Oh! Its just 1:30 P.M. Will I be able to manage this?”

She distracted herself from her weird thoughts and started concentrating on the work. She looked into the monitor and what she could just see was series of alphabet jumbled together. Suddenly, something struck her and she searched for her cell in the bag. Slowly, one by one, after reading those messages and call logs for one last time, she deleted them all. She took a deep breath, “Its going to be ok. Its going to be ok. Should I inform someone?” She shunned the thought and put the cell in her bag.

She got up from her seat and looked at the people standing near her desk, laughing and chatting. She smiled at them, “Excuse me!” She made her way towards the door. Slowly, the voices around her grew dim in her ears and drowsiness filled her eyes. She saw the man with a shocked look running towards her. She realized the time has come, “GOD! Please save me and forgive me for all the things I have done. I know only YOU would understand me. I want to start a new life.”

She opened her eyes slowly and looked around. She got a strong stench and realized she was in the hospital. She saw the nurse with her back facing towards her. The nurse said,” Doctor, she has been unconscious  since past four hours. How are we going to disclose that her husband is no more?”

She closed her eyes and heard the doctor saying, “We will manage it. Her friend is here. Its lucky that she is alive. The police found sleeping pills mixed in their food. Someone tried to kill this lovely couple”

A guilt feeling along with happiness filled her heart, “Thank GOD! Please forgive me. My first part of the plan has succeeded. “

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Mixed Feelings..

I should be feeling good, but to some extent I am not. I should be excited and I was till yesterday. Tomorrow I have dance performance, that too after 7 years. I have many things to be taken care of  and there is no time at all. Why do things happen when someone is in a really good mood?

Planning to skip practice, but I will be killed if I do that. Sorry Kelly, I wasn’t hearing you at all when you called me and you were explaining me how to come. Was too involved in my own thoughts. I think I will land up calling you again for directions.

Meghs, can you come to Mumbai soon? 😦 FYI , I still have the flute which we bought. Lets go back to VJTI again. 😦

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Q & A Session ..

Today I was confronted by a lawyer. Not a court lawyer but a lady who stays in my building. I met her and as usual I greeted her, “Hello aunty? How are you?” She opened her mouth which I realized later that it was no less than a gun and she shooted me with loads of questions.

Aunty: “I am fine. Did H’s brother get married?”

Me: ”Yes”

Aunty: “Where is the girl from? Where did the wedding take place? When was the wedding? The bride, has she done MBBS? I am asking because H’s brother is a doctor (Whats the connection?)”

Me: “Huh?”

Aunty: “Were you invited? Who all were invited?”

Me: Its not my wedding! How would I know? “Yes I was invited, not sure about others.”

Aunty: ”What is ‘H’ doing these days? Is she working? Is she studying? She was going to give her CA exam.”

Me: “I don’t know, aunty. Its been a long time since I met her.”

Aunty: “Your mom wasn’t here for few days. Were you living alone? Who cooks? You know to cook? What all do you cook?”

Me: totally shocked expression

Aunty: “Ok then bye. See you next time.”

Me: pretending to be blind next time

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Haule Haule ..

Haule Haule se hawa lagti hai
Haule haule se dawa lagti hai
Haule haule se dua lagti hai

Tu sabar to kar mere yaar
Zara saans to le dildaar

Chal fikar nu goli maar
Yaar hai dil jindi de chaar

Haule haule ho jayega pyaar chal yaar
Haule haule ho jayega pyaar

I love the lyrics of this song.  Specially the line Tu sabar to kar mere yaar, Zara saans to le dildaar. The fundas to live a happy life are very simple, but to follow that path is really difficult.

Being patient in any circumstance really helps. When the situation is not right and we want things our way, its very difficult to convince ourselves to be patient. Best way is take a deep breath and concentrate on breathing. Initially its really difficult but gradually it helps.

Another thing is making a personal decision in our everyday lives. We just keep on thinking a lot, taking into account all the possibilties before making any decision. This is good sometimes but really wasteful most of the times. Instead of thinking so much, best is to question ourselves, “Who knows about tommorow? Tommorow I might die. Today is the only day that I have.” Frankly, the whole way of thinking changes. Try this next time 😉

How do you react when people dont say things which you want to hear? Get angry? Get back at them? Obviously reminding ourseleves to be patient at such times is really futile and wasteful. We can’t convice ourseleves to love something that we don’t like but we can definitely be indifferent to it. When we react back, opposite person is at ease but if we are indifferent, it makes them uncomfortable.

Well well, I guess enough of fundas and I am sure most of you would know this. Just reminding you all and myself by writing this post 🙂

Signing off for now. Good nighty 🙂

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Chaat Time ..

Today was awesome! I was eating chana-chaat on dadar platform. The chaat looked really tempting. GOD! Its dirt cheap, just 5 bucks. I really don’t care if I get typhoid, jaundice or whatever. Well, I do care but when I am hungry even the most horrible thing looks like a dessert to me.

Haan so back to the story. Suddenly my eyes fell on this lady. She looked familiar. I instantly realized who she was! I was still eating this heavenly chaat and thinking whether I should walk up to her and speak, although I was damn sure she wouldn’t recognize me. I almost finished my chaat and I felt that I should chat with her before the train arrives.

I went up to her and said, “Excuse me.” She was busy talking to her friend and I interrupted her.

She looked at me, “Yes?”

“Did you teach in XYZ school?”

Her eyes suddenly became round , “Yes I did.”

I gave a wide smile, “When I was in senior KG, you were my class teacher. I guess it was 1989-1990 year”

She was so surprised, delighted and extremely happy. We both spoke for sometime and she asked me what am I doing and was happy to know about my job and profession. She told me that she is studying now and not teaching anymore.

I bade her good-bye and she said, “You made my day.”

I really felt very happy because I met her after about 16-18 years. I can never forget any of my school teachers. Suddenly I am missing them a lot now and laughing over some of the school incidents 🙂 More blogs on this next time 😉

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Believe it or not!!

I watched this serial called as Mano ya no mano (Oh hmm Indian version of Ripley’s Believe it or not) hosted by Irfan Khan. The three weirdest things I saw:

Current Mohan:

Yes, this is what people call him. Mohan hails from Kerala and he is a super-hero. If you are thinking whether he is a superman or spiderman, then the answer is no, he is not. He is a simple person who has an unbelievable skill of producing currents. Yes you read that right. He can produce electricity just by touching wires. He demonstarted that by running a mixer grinder, switching on TV and computer etc. The best part I think is that his family must be getting the lowest electricity bill and the worst part is nobody can touch him because the one who does gets shocks! Simply unbelievable na?

Fairy tale with no ending :

There is this person, whose name I frankly don’t remember. Lets call him Mr. Immortal. This person deals with dangerous things like playing with cobra and yet is so lucky that de doesn’t die. Mr. Immortal spends sleepless nights, no not because he is in love, but he suffers from acute insomnia ( that’s what doctors claim) but he refuses to believe it. He says that once a beautiful fairy came to meet him and told him to keep it a secret. Next the usual thing happened, he confided it to his close friend. The fairy got angry and punished him saying he wont get any sleep ever but still he has got that boon that he wont die. I wonder why?

Chinki Tale :

Dr. Chinki (again I don’t remember his name, but he has chinki eyes) claims that he can recover patients from any stomach related problem without cutting the stomach. The greatest witness for this was Sidharth Kak ( if anyone has watched ‘Surabhi’ during your childhood days, you would recognise him). Sidharth was suffering from a similar problem and telecasted the whole process. First the chinki made him lie down, he put his hands inside Sidharth’s navel, which gradually grew bigger and blood started oozing out, spreading all over his stomach. Sidharth claims he felt immediate relief after that and frankly I almost fainted after watching that!

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A Proposal

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Planet of the Apes

I could hear the sound of enemies marching towards me. I knew I had to reach my destination somehow before they attack me. I was half a way on the bridge. Slowly it started shaking and I could hear the footsteps getting closer to me. I couldn’t run. The bridge was slippery. It had rained all morning and there were puddles of filth everywhere. I slowly increased my pace. I wanted to protect myself from the storm but I couldn’t waste time in doing that.

I slowly turned and looked behind and suddenly saw a huge gust of people approaching me, pushing me, scratching me and shouting, “Side side!Log itna slow kyun chalte hai” Ok if you are thinking what am I talking about,then please don’t get confused! This is a typical sight of dadar bridge with a leaking roof at 10 AM in morning with central and western trains arriving at the same time and everybody using the same bridge.

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Want to be free..

I looked on my left and right, made sure no-one is there, slowly unlocked the cage and smiled, “Hey cutie birds. Come out fast and fly away. This is your chance to be independent and free. Come out sweeties.”

Suddenly Lucy tapped on my shoulders and shouted, ” Hey Alice! Why are you trying to free the birds? They are very content and happy and they sing to me everyday. I feed them with all sorts of goodies and love them a lot.”

I looked into her eyes and saw her smiling face, which clearly said that her notion of happiness was totally wrong. I looked at those beautiful creatures, ” Birds inside the cage never sing, they just cry. You might be taking very good care of them but the only result I can see is that they no longer how to fly, they no longer know they they even have their own wings.”

I gave her sarcastic smile and said, “I guess you have taken very good care of them.”

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