Butterfly Fly away.. Awesome lyrics

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I feel I have lost myself in this complicated web called Life.

ps. I don’t know whether the above sentence is original or I heard it somewhere. Just felt like putting it down and I apologize if it is not original and I don’t remember who wrote it!

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Sic Rick

Everyday this is the same scene. People crowd near a particular area to find a rick to their homes and the rickwalas give the same two letter answer, “NO”. It is really frustrating to wait for hours and this is what I did today. Instead of telling the exact place, I told him some place so that he agrees. This is the  conversation which happened after the rickwala realized where I am getting down:

R: You lied to me. You said you are getting down somewhere else

Me: Yes I did. If you guys are not ready to go to a particular place, we have to resort to lying and I am telling you the truth right now, so that you guys realize the struggle we have to go through

R: This is what we don’t like, when people lie!

Me: But you don’t mind rejecting people in the evening who are so tired after work. I know there is rule that rickwalas cannot reject any people asking them to take to a particular destination. We can meet a traffic police right now.

R (angrily and slightly threatning) : I know where you stay and I have dropped you twice before. (Then he described me the exact place where I stayed. I am still not sure why he said this!)

I was pretty shocked by the last statement he made. While paying him the money, I just told him, I don’t know why he dropped me when he knew my place and that I really hope they understand the plight of the people who wait for ricks. Also lastly, does anyone know any site where I can complain about such rickwalas who just know the two letters or who act as deaf?

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