Few good words..

“Oh Baby! Don’t worry. I am there for you”

I skipped a beat, stopped walking, and thought,”Did I hear that properly?”

“Everything is going to be ok. I love you darling.”

I looked at him with surprise. “Oh hi Alice! My girlfriend Lucy is on phone. Will join you in five minutes”.I nodded and went inside the restaurant.

Life seems so unfair at times. Here I am battling for my life and I just want to hear some sweet words. I so want to narrate all the things happening to me. I so want some shoulder to cry upon. I had finally decided to tell him that I won’t be in this beautiful world after 3 months. I didn’t want to fight this alone. I looked at my friend outside talking to his girlfriend. I felt a tinge of sadness, motivated by secret pangs of jealousy.

“Hey hi Alice! Sorry for keeping you waiting. Actually Lucy is going through bad times. Her appraisal wasn’t so good and she is depressed because of that. I hope she is out of it soon. Really tensed for her.” The word ‘tensed’ suddenly made me change my mind. I didn’t want to bother him more.

“By the way, I heard you are resigning. I was pretty surprised to know that you are going to Houston. What happened Alice? I think you are in pretty good position in this company.”

I tried my best to hold back my tears and smiled,”Ya that’s right. But you see my priorities have changed.”

He joked, “Hey Houston has the best cancer hospital. Are you planning to do some social service there?” He laughed,”Just kidding! Hope you enjoy there Alice. I am sure you must have got a very good job else you wouldn’t have made such a sudden decision.”

His expression suddenly changed, “Hey that means you won’t be here for your birthday. So where are you planning to go on your birthday?”

I looked into his eyes and said, “Hopefully heaven!”

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That night…

“I am going to get married”. These words sounded like a thunder on silent roads of Norway at 1 a.m. I managed to smile and clearing my throat, I asked,”Who is she?”

“My colleague…We were dating for past 3 months and a week before she proposed me and..”


“I realized she loved me the most and we would be happy together. I am getting married next week”

“Oh wow!! That sounds great.”

“I will drop my wedding card tomorrow at your residence. I hope you will come.”

We had a silent drive and I was silently thinking of the times spent with him. We were best and closest pals for almost 3 years.Today we met after a long time in a mall accidentally. We had been so busy in our lives that we couldn’t stay in touch for long. I was so happy to see him after such a long time and thought we would have so many things to talk about.

The car stopped suddenly and I could hear that soft and caring voice,”Here’s your house. Good night dear!! Take care. Hope to see you soon.”

“I don’t stay…” I paused, looked at him and smiled, “Good night! I will surely come.”

I got out of the car and saw his car driving down, slowly, disappearing from my eyes.I looked at my second floor apartment, thinking of all the times spent with him where we discussed about our new crushes, sipping hot coffee, fighting over silly things, the time he proposed me and I rejected thinking my career was more important than marriage.Slowly the lights in the apartment went off and I was jolted back to reality. I prayed that Mr. and Mrs. Smith would have a happy life together.

I slowly started walking down the road to my new apartment, holding back my tears, thinking that I will never receive his wedding card and maybe will never meet him again.

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