Her eyes fluttered open. She found herself looking at the window curtains and then looked at the clock. She had been asleep for 4 hours. She slowly rolled her eyes and realized she was underneath a bed. She looked at the floor and found the blood dripping from the bed. Slowly the memories of the night haunted her and she heard a gushing noise from her neck to her head.

She quickly crawled out of the bed and looked down to see that the floor underneath her feet was covered in blood. She kept walking, looking at the blood on the floor and searched for the phone in her purse. She picked her phone and kept thinking for few seconds. She decided to call John.

“Hello John”, She said in a choked voice.

She heard him, “Hey Alice, I tried calling you last night. Where were you?”

“Lucy is dead. Someone killed her. I came home today and found her in this state. I am scared” . She couldn’t control crying.

“I will be there in half an hour, darling. Don’t worry. Just stay right there.” He disconnected the call.

She dialled 911. “This is an emergency. My friend has been murdered”. She gave them the address.

Within few minutes, she saw a police car as well as John’s car approaching at the same time. John came running and hugged her. The CSI unit immediately started documenting the crime scene. A police officer walked up to her, “I know this is a tough time for you Alice but you have to tell us everything that you saw”

“John killed Lucy last night”. This time it was John’s turn to get shocked. She already got two surprises last night. John cheating on her and her best friend’s betrayal.

Two police officers immediately surrounded John. She looked at him, “I came home early last night to give Lucy surprise on her birthday. Alas, I found you and her busy arguing about money and blackmail. I realized you both were cheating on me. When you stabbed her, I hid myself underneath the bed. I knew you would kill me too.”

He didn’t say a word and she did not look at him again. Tears started to grow in her eyes as she thought, “I don’t feel guilty for not saving my friend. My friend?”

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Pleasant interruptions…

“One white wine please”, I adjusted myself on the high-stool.

She handed me the glass and smiled widely, “Enjoy your drink”.

I was sipping my wine when  my attention was diverted to loud guffaws coming from a bunch of teens. I took a deep breath and smiled, taking another sip.

A voice interrupted my thoughts, “You are surprised thinking that even though you are alone, you are content and satisfied”. I looked at his twinkling eyes, surprised and confused. He looked at the crowd and then turned towards me, “You are also thinking how come the treats and parties that once enticed you don’t bring the same satisfaction when you are alone.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Are you a mind reader?”

He smiled, “No, I am a mind writer. I like writing beautiful stories in women’s mind.” He winked, “Care for a dance?”

A voice yet again interrupted me, “That is a nice story”. He smiled widely. Well, this was a guy sitting next to me in train. 🙂

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Sixteen or sixty..

“We can work it out. Trust me!”. He looked at her and touched her fingers. She moved her hand and smiled at him, “It’s not so easy. I will have to think about it.” They both looked at rising sun admist the great waves of the sea.

“Two coffees without sugar,the usual’.  The waiter interrupted. She smiled at the waiter, “Thanks.” Her cell beeped, “I got to go. He has come.”

He frowned, “Ok. See you tomorrow.” He got up and got her stick. He helped her get up and said slowly, “I  love you.” She smiled but said nothing. He said irritably, “Come on you can say it.”

She  walked slowly towards the door of the coffee shop, looked back and smiled at him. She saw a car and a person waving and running towards her.

He stopped near her, “Maa, you shouldn’t come for walks. You are reaching 65 and it’s dangerous.” She smiled at him, “But I am still young at heart.”

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She gazed at the fishes inside the misty water. She pulled off her boots and rolled up her pants. With a boot in each hand, she quickly put her feet inside the icy water, trying to ignore the freezing temperature. She closed her eyes, let out a sigh and could hear faint sounds of quickly flowing water.

“Alice!”, he called out

“Huh..”, she opened her eyes

“How many times have I told you not to go alone? You don’t know swimming!”

She winked at him, “I have grown up, bro. You need not worry”

She shivered uncontrollably. She gulped deep breaths and started shaking her legs to get warmth.

“Get out of there right now”, he shouted

Without uttering a single word, she got out and sat on the nearby bench, looking at the swiftly flowing water.

She murmured, “So all set for the big day?”

He smiled, “Yes, a bit nervous though. Well, you know what?” His face lit and he looked at her, “The sister gets a present from her brother on his wedding. So what do you want?”

She opened her mouth and suddenly bit her lip, “Nothing”. She smiled, “Just be happy.”

She looked at the sky. It was twilight, “I think we should go home.”

She got up and started walking. He called out and smiled, “Alice, I will be always there for you.”

She turned around and winked, “I hope you remember this present even after your marriage.”

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Naked Truth ..

There was a distant roll of thunder and it disappeared into the clouds. I was startled for a second and my attention went on her. She took the refuge of near by chaai waala stand, as it had started drizzling. Slowly the drizzle turned into rains and the roof wasn’t sufficient enough to cover her. She removed tiny mirror from her bag and started adjusting her makeup.

The chaai wala oogled at her  “Kitna farak padta hai? Make up rahein yaa naa rahein

She gave a stern look at him asking him to shut up.

A passer-by smiled and winked at her and asked her something. She murmured  and he left with a disappointment on his face.

She turned her face and saw him coming. She smiled broadly as he came running towards her totally drenched. She looked at him with fake anger on her face, “Aaj late kaise? Pata hai kitne customers ko hakaal diya

He made a sad face “Maaf kar de. Biwi ko thik nahi tha. Isiliye late hua. Kaash main humesha tere saath hota.

The smile faded away from her face. A small thought passed her mind. She didn’t know who was more unlucky, his wife or her?

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Fairy Tale..

It was dark. She stood near the fireplace and slowly opened the yellow book which shined like gold in front of the blazing fire. She smiled as she read each page of that book.  All the things that she had dreamt of  began to weave its magic in front of her eyes. A small tear slowly made its way down gracing her pale cheek.

She suddenly heard a voice, “Alice, where are you?”

She looked at the book for one last time and wiped her tear hurriedly.

“Oh you are here. I searched you everywhere.”

She turned,  looked into his eyes and thought, “Maybe realities are much better than fairy tales.”

She slowly loosened her grip and let the book make its way to the fire.

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Stress Testing..

Red, blue, orange, green. She saw all sorts of colors floating in front of her eyes and voices filled with laughter hitting her ear drums. She looked into her watch, “Oh! Its just 1:30 P.M. Will I be able to manage this?”

She distracted herself from her weird thoughts and started concentrating on the work. She looked into the monitor and what she could just see was series of alphabet jumbled together. Suddenly, something struck her and she searched for her cell in the bag. Slowly, one by one, after reading those messages and call logs for one last time, she deleted them all. She took a deep breath, “Its going to be ok. Its going to be ok. Should I inform someone?” She shunned the thought and put the cell in her bag.

She got up from her seat and looked at the people standing near her desk, laughing and chatting. She smiled at them, “Excuse me!” She made her way towards the door. Slowly, the voices around her grew dim in her ears and drowsiness filled her eyes. She saw the man with a shocked look running towards her. She realized the time has come, “GOD! Please save me and forgive me for all the things I have done. I know only YOU would understand me. I want to start a new life.”

She opened her eyes slowly and looked around. She got a strong stench and realized she was in the hospital. She saw the nurse with her back facing towards her. The nurse said,” Doctor, she has been unconscious  since past four hours. How are we going to disclose that her husband is no more?”

She closed her eyes and heard the doctor saying, “We will manage it. Her friend is here. Its lucky that she is alive. The police found sleeping pills mixed in their food. Someone tried to kill this lovely couple”

A guilt feeling along with happiness filled her heart, “Thank GOD! Please forgive me. My first part of the plan has succeeded. “

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The white light..

I looked at that white light continuously admist all darkness without blinking my eyes. I didnt want to lose hope. I believed in miracles. I knew my smile was going to come back soon.

Suddenly HE kept his hand on my head and said, “Get up child!Its too late. You need some sleep. Don’t hope for the things that are not worth you. You are precious.”

I looked at HIM with my moist eyes and smiled, “But still I dont want to lose my hope.” And I again started staring at that white light…

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That lonely night..

“Madam, you will have to wait for a rickshaw because its raining heavily”, said the watchman at the gate of my office. It was late at night and I could hardly see any people on the road.

It was cold windy night and I was trying to balance my umbrella and bag. I suddenly heard someone splashing water admist the sounds of heavy rains hitting the surface like a white noise.

I looked around and slowly saw a shadow of figure under faint glow of streetlight. I looked at her more closely. She was in lavender colored chudidar with her back towards me. She had long curly hair which was getting drenched in rain. She slowly raised her left hand, turned her face towards it and started playing with little droplets of water as if trying to hold it. She then started splashing water with her legs. I was so delighted to see her happily dancing in rain.

She slowly turned around, raised her face upwards, facing the sky and I could see the rains hitting her delicate face. She slowly raised her hands as if she wanted to hug those rains.

I looked at her face. Small droplets of water were coming out of her eyes. I slowly started moving towards her to have closer look. I realised those droplets of water were tears. Her lonely eyes were red with pain and it looked as though she wanted some shoulder to cry upon. I started moving towards her.

“Madam kahan jana hai?” I looked at the rickshawala and for 2 seconds I didn’t know where I wanted to go. I looked at him blankly and suddenly looked around in all directions. She wasn’t there. Everything was as silent as the grave. I still can’t forget that sad lonely eyes..

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The evening breeze..

“Do you remember the time when you proposed me?” I inclined my head on his shoulders and closed my eyes. It was a pleasant and romantic evening. We were sitting near balcony and I could barely make out the outlines of mountains because of all the fog. The clouds covered the tip of the mountain as if they were kissing it. The day seemed to be smiling at me after being through long journey of sadness.

I knew he was being a silent listener and smiling at my question. He was so close to me that I could actually feel his breath blowing my hair. I giggled and said, “You were so nervous and scared that I would reject your proposal. You gave me all sorts of hints to make me realize how much you loved me.”

I suddenly jumped with joy and asked,” Do you remember our wedding day?” . I looked into his eyes,” My happiest moment was when the father said I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride”. And slowly tears started flowing from my eyes.

“Alice. Whom are you speaking to? There is no one here dear.” I suddenly turned to face her. That was my nurse, Eliza.

I realized that she had been hearing our conversation all the while. She looked at me, smiled with sympathy, touched my cheeks and said, “Alice its time for your medicines.”

I waited till she was gone. I walked to the railing of the balcony, looked at the medicines and just held my hand loose. I could see the medicines falling down. I knew he was dead. I knew he would never ever come back.

I really didn’t regret the state in which I was in. I didn’t want to shun the beautiful feeling of him being near me.

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