Her eyes fluttered open. She found herself looking at the window curtains and then looked at the clock. She had been asleep for 4 hours. She slowly rolled her eyes and realized she was underneath a bed. She looked at the floor and found the blood dripping from the bed. Slowly the memories of the night haunted her and she heard a gushing noise from her neck to her head.

She quickly crawled out of the bed and looked down to see that the floor underneath her feet was covered in blood. She kept walking, looking at the blood on the floor and searched for the phone in her purse. She picked her phone and kept thinking for few seconds. She decided to call John.

“Hello John”, She said in a choked voice.

She heard him, “Hey Alice, I tried calling you last night. Where were you?”

“Lucy is dead. Someone killed her. I came home today and found her in this state. I am scared” . She couldn’t control crying.

“I will be there in half an hour, darling. Don’t worry. Just stay right there.” He disconnected the call.

She dialled 911. “This is an emergency. My friend has been murdered”. She gave them the address.

Within few minutes, she saw a police car as well as John’s car approaching at the same time. John came running and hugged her. The CSI unit immediately started documenting the crime scene. A police officer walked up to her, “I know this is a tough time for you Alice but you have to tell us everything that you saw”

“John killed Lucy last night”. This time it was John’s turn to get shocked. She already got two surprises last night. John cheating on her and her best friend’s betrayal.

Two police officers immediately surrounded John. She looked at him, “I came home early last night to give Lucy surprise on her birthday. Alas, I found you and her busy arguing about money and blackmail. I realized you both were cheating on me. When you stabbed her, I hid myself underneath the bed. I knew you would kill me too.”

He didn’t say a word and she did not look at him again. Tears started to grow in her eyes as she thought, “I don’t feel guilty for not saving my friend. My friend?”

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  1. he had it coming… he had it coming… he only had himself to blame…

  2. I get the feeling that she killed her in a fit of rage, and blamed John for it. Not sure if that was the intention you had while writing the story.

  3. And she found time to sleep for 4 hours!

  4. Smart girl!

    Sneha, your first novel/movie script is long overdue now 🙂

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