Sixteen or sixty..

“We can work it out. Trust me!”. He looked at her and touched her fingers. She moved her hand and smiled at him, “It’s not so easy. I will have to think about it.” They both looked at rising sun admist the great waves of the sea.

“Two coffees without sugar,the usual’.  The waiter interrupted. She smiled at the waiter, “Thanks.” Her cell beeped, “I got to go. He has come.”

He frowned, “Ok. See you tomorrow.” He got up and got her stick. He helped her get up and said slowly, “I  love you.” She smiled but said nothing. He said irritably, “Come on you can say it.”

She  walked slowly towards the door of the coffee shop, looked back and smiled at him. She saw a car and a person waving and running towards her.

He stopped near her, “Maa, you shouldn’t come for walks. You are reaching 65 and it’s dangerous.” She smiled at him, “But I am still young at heart.”

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  1. Beautiful story! Could not figure out who the female was till the end. Multiple possibilities came to my mind 🙂 Very nicely written.

  2. Awesome story! awesome twist!!

    Sneha, you should think of writing a short-story collection.. I would definitely buy your book 🙂

  3. sweet!

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