Naked Truth ..

There was a distant roll of thunder and it disappeared into the clouds. I was startled for a second and my attention went on her. She took the refuge of near by chaai waala stand, as it had started drizzling. Slowly the drizzle turned into rains and the roof wasn’t sufficient enough to cover her. She removed tiny mirror from her bag and started adjusting her makeup.

The chaai wala oogled at her  “Kitna farak padta hai? Make up rahein yaa naa rahein

She gave a stern look at him asking him to shut up.

A passer-by smiled and winked at her and asked her something. She murmured  and he left with a disappointment on his face.

She turned her face and saw him coming. She smiled broadly as he came running towards her totally drenched. She looked at him with fake anger on her face, “Aaj late kaise? Pata hai kitne customers ko hakaal diya

He made a sad face “Maaf kar de. Biwi ko thik nahi tha. Isiliye late hua. Kaash main humesha tere saath hota.

The smile faded away from her face. A small thought passed her mind. She didn’t know who was more unlucky, his wife or her?

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  1. Nice end to it. Very nice in fact!

  2. Wife is unlucky. He wants to be with this other woman and not the wife.

  3. hmmm… interesting.. like the way you capture minute details. you would make a good screenwriter 🙂

  4. Very Nice Indeed!!..

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