Fairy Tale..

It was dark. She stood near the fireplace and slowly opened the yellow book which shined like gold in front of the blazing fire. She smiled as she read each page of that book.  All the things that she had dreamt of  began to weave its magic in front of her eyes. A small tear slowly made its way down gracing her pale cheek.

She suddenly heard a voice, “Alice, where are you?”

She looked at the book for one last time and wiped her tear hurriedly.

“Oh you are here. I searched you everywhere.”

She turned,  looked into his eyes and thought, “Maybe realities are much better than fairy tales.”

She slowly loosened her grip and let the book make its way to the fire.

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  1. Kya how does it start? Is it related to any post earlier made?

  2. @Sid: This post is the start as well as the end!

  3. Ho ho ho! What are you saying you little one? How can you distinguish fairy tales and realities? Who told you fairy tales are good and reality is bad?

    You have written this very well, I like it a lot. I have read this over and over again. But please have a smile on that face, for it’s “What a Wonderful World!”.

  4. @Santa: I am sure Alice will discover that soon 🙂

  5. Huh? Am kinda confused…Is this meant to be an excerpt from the famous story or is it your twist in the tale? Or some hidden meaning? Samjha nahi…

  6. @Ceegee- A deep hidden meaning 🙂

  7. hehe…LOL at your last comment.

    kitna deep meaning hai sneha?? kitna deep jana padega????2-3 baar padh liya…it’s like one of David Lynch’s movies(if have seen any you will understand), you can make out no conclusion from it or make out 10 conclusions from it.

  8. @abhishek: Welcome to my blog 🙂 I guess only @Santa understood this blog!

  9. Or he acted like a Santa? Fooling kids around on Christmas eve pretending to jump down the chimney??? This Santa might be fooling this kid as well [:P]

    • @CeeGee: Well no!

      In this post, I have depicted the mentality of a girl. Most of the gals grow up thinking their life would be like a fairy tale and slowly they realise that it is not. Now read the post again:P

  10. yaar…I’d understood that first time when I read it. I was just pulling your legs…

  11. Life Is Always Fair! It’s the thing called ‘Expectation’ which distinguishes Reality and Fairy-Tale. Childhood was such a fairy-tale coz I didn’t expect anything from anyone! But now that’s not the case 😛

    • @Harish – Very very true! But keeping expectations at the least is very difficult..

      Do keep visiting my blog 🙂

  12. reality is better than fiction anytime.. after all its real 🙂 In fiction the heroines are always quite tortured! be it cinderella or anyone else!

    • @Winnie: Totally agree. But in fairy tale, there is one thing attached to it-“They live happily ever after” 🙂

  13. Lovely.Yes realities can be better than fairy tales, fairy tales have impossible to combat witches, real life has only humans …

    • Thanks IHM 🙂

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