Q & A Session ..

Today I was confronted by a lawyer. Not a court lawyer but a lady who stays in my building. I met her and as usual I greeted her, “Hello aunty? How are you?” She opened her mouth which I realized later that it was no less than a gun and she shooted me with loads of questions.

Aunty: “I am fine. Did H’s brother get married?”

Me: ”Yes”

Aunty: “Where is the girl from? Where did the wedding take place? When was the wedding? The bride, has she done MBBS? I am asking because H’s brother is a doctor (Whats the connection?)”

Me: “Huh?”

Aunty: “Were you invited? Who all were invited?”

Me: Its not my wedding! How would I know? “Yes I was invited, not sure about others.”

Aunty: ”What is ‘H’ doing these days? Is she working? Is she studying? She was going to give her CA exam.”

Me: “I don’t know, aunty. Its been a long time since I met her.”

Aunty: “Your mom wasn’t here for few days. Were you living alone? Who cooks? You know to cook? What all do you cook?”

Me: totally shocked expression

Aunty: “Ok then bye. See you next time.”

Me: pretending to be blind next time

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  1. You seem to be surrounded by lawyers who shoot you all the time 😛 Next time you meet her, look deep into her eyes, hold your index fingers to your temple and scare her 😀

  2. lolz…

  3. hehehe…please tell aunty that next time she pesters you like that, tweetea will chirp and chirp in hers ears and make her deaf!

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