Chaat Time ..

Today was awesome! I was eating chana-chaat on dadar platform. The chaat looked really tempting. GOD! Its dirt cheap, just 5 bucks. I really don’t care if I get typhoid, jaundice or whatever. Well, I do care but when I am hungry even the most horrible thing looks like a dessert to me.

Haan so back to the story. Suddenly my eyes fell on this lady. She looked familiar. I instantly realized who she was! I was still eating this heavenly chaat and thinking whether I should walk up to her and speak, although I was damn sure she wouldn’t recognize me. I almost finished my chaat and I felt that I should chat with her before the train arrives.

I went up to her and said, “Excuse me.” She was busy talking to her friend and I interrupted her.

She looked at me, “Yes?”

“Did you teach in XYZ school?”

Her eyes suddenly became round , “Yes I did.”

I gave a wide smile, “When I was in senior KG, you were my class teacher. I guess it was 1989-1990 year”

She was so surprised, delighted and extremely happy. We both spoke for sometime and she asked me what am I doing and was happy to know about my job and profession. She told me that she is studying now and not teaching anymore.

I bade her good-bye and she said, “You made my day.”

I really felt very happy because I met her after about 16-18 years. I can never forget any of my school teachers. Suddenly I am missing them a lot now and laughing over some of the school incidents 🙂 More blogs on this next time 😉

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  1. Nice blog and great template! It is really amazing that you can remember all your teachers’ names. I don’t 😦

  2. ya i know…i met my school librarian on orkut recently…in fact, she found me there!!! it was really nice, she actually remembered my antics and all my favourite series!!!

  3. The story was nice and all but I’m more interested in the chaat right now :p

  4. Chana Chaat!!! you making me jealous here 😦 anyway, good to see a new post in your blog after so long…so howdy?

  5. Did you say you remembered her name??? If yes good memory :-), I remember by face no names at all. And chaat should be so tasty that people are ready to get jaundice typhoid for 5 bucks hehe..

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