Believe it or not!!

I watched this serial called as Mano ya no mano (Oh hmm Indian version of Ripley’s Believe it or not) hosted by Irfan Khan. The three weirdest things I saw:

Current Mohan:

Yes, this is what people call him. Mohan hails from Kerala and he is a super-hero. If you are thinking whether he is a superman or spiderman, then the answer is no, he is not. He is a simple person who has an unbelievable skill of producing currents. Yes you read that right. He can produce electricity just by touching wires. He demonstarted that by running a mixer grinder, switching on TV and computer etc. The best part I think is that his family must be getting the lowest electricity bill and the worst part is nobody can touch him because the one who does gets shocks! Simply unbelievable na?

Fairy tale with no ending :

There is this person, whose name I frankly don’t remember. Lets call him Mr. Immortal. This person deals with dangerous things like playing with cobra and yet is so lucky that de doesn’t die. Mr. Immortal spends sleepless nights, no not because he is in love, but he suffers from acute insomnia ( that’s what doctors claim) but he refuses to believe it. He says that once a beautiful fairy came to meet him and told him to keep it a secret. Next the usual thing happened, he confided it to his close friend. The fairy got angry and punished him saying he wont get any sleep ever but still he has got that boon that he wont die. I wonder why?

Chinki Tale :

Dr. Chinki (again I don’t remember his name, but he has chinki eyes) claims that he can recover patients from any stomach related problem without cutting the stomach. The greatest witness for this was Sidharth Kak ( if anyone has watched ‘Surabhi’ during your childhood days, you would recognise him). Sidharth was suffering from a similar problem and telecasted the whole process. First the chinki made him lie down, he put his hands inside Sidharth’s navel, which gradually grew bigger and blood started oozing out, spreading all over his stomach. Sidharth claims he felt immediate relief after that and frankly I almost fainted after watching that!

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