Planet of the Apes

I could hear the sound of enemies marching towards me. I knew I had to reach my destination somehow before they attack me. I was half a way on the bridge. Slowly it started shaking and I could hear the footsteps getting closer to me. I couldn’t run. The bridge was slippery. It had rained all morning and there were puddles of filth everywhere. I slowly increased my pace. I wanted to protect myself from the storm but I couldn’t waste time in doing that.

I slowly turned and looked behind and suddenly saw a huge gust of people approaching me, pushing me, scratching me and shouting, “Side side!Log itna slow kyun chalte hai” Ok if you are thinking what am I talking about,then please don’t get confused! This is a typical sight of dadar bridge with a leaking roof at 10 AM in morning with central and western trains arriving at the same time and everybody using the same bridge.

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  1. Suckers, all of em. You shall have the support of the elves and the dwarfs in this battle against the evil forces of Sauron.

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