Want to be free..

I looked on my left and right, made sure no-one is there, slowly unlocked the cage and smiled, “Hey cutie birds. Come out fast and fly away. This is your chance to be independent and free. Come out sweeties.”

Suddenly Lucy tapped on my shoulders and shouted, ” Hey Alice! Why are you trying to free the birds? They are very content and happy and they sing to me everyday. I feed them with all sorts of goodies and love them a lot.”

I looked into her eyes and saw her smiling face, which clearly said that her notion of happiness was totally wrong. I looked at those beautiful creatures, ” Birds inside the cage never sing, they just cry. You might be taking very good care of them but the only result I can see is that they no longer how to fly, they no longer know they they even have their own wings.”

I gave her sarcastic smile and said, “I guess you have taken very good care of them.”

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  1. beautiful expression!!

  2. oh babeh! that reminds me of a similar story that we had in our school textbooks! good that people still think bout such things……
    n ya, am delighted to have a ‘new feed’ in tweety’s blog message on my screen pop-up, it’s been ages yaar…..u toh are even a bigger aalsi than me

  3. @CeeGee: Yes even I remember we had this in school. But realised the true meaning now, so just felt like putting it down 🙂
    Regarding *aalsi*, haan thoda ho gayi hun 😛

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