That lonely night..

“Madam, you will have to wait for a rickshaw because its raining heavily”, said the watchman at the gate of my office. It was late at night and I could hardly see any people on the road.

It was cold windy night and I was trying to balance my umbrella and bag. I suddenly heard someone splashing water admist the sounds of heavy rains hitting the surface like a white noise.

I looked around and slowly saw a shadow of figure under faint glow of streetlight. I looked at her more closely. She was in lavender colored chudidar with her back towards me. She had long curly hair which was getting drenched in rain. She slowly raised her left hand, turned her face towards it and started playing with little droplets of water as if trying to hold it. She then started splashing water with her legs. I was so delighted to see her happily dancing in rain.

She slowly turned around, raised her face upwards, facing the sky and I could see the rains hitting her delicate face. She slowly raised her hands as if she wanted to hug those rains.

I looked at her face. Small droplets of water were coming out of her eyes. I slowly started moving towards her to have closer look. I realised those droplets of water were tears. Her lonely eyes were red with pain and it looked as though she wanted some shoulder to cry upon. I started moving towards her.

“Madam kahan jana hai?” I looked at the rickshawala and for 2 seconds I didn’t know where I wanted to go. I looked at him blankly and suddenly looked around in all directions. She wasn’t there. Everything was as silent as the grave. I still can’t forget that sad lonely eyes..

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  1. Its very touching.. keep writing đŸ™‚

  2. hmm..lovely post..though I’m wondering who dat girl was..though i think i know..

    on second thots maybe she was a chudail..these days many hav hit the roads, i read many posts on them too!!

    If u think i jus killed the feel of ur post, well I’m terrible sorry.. i jus hav too much work pressure i guess!!

    On third thots..lovely post again!! seriously!!

    (hence proved 1st impression is always the last impression)

  3. nice post.. m speechless.

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