Presenting Ms. Cook..

Today I cooked ‘Aloo ki Ras Bhaji’, a speciality from western UP. I had decided long back to learn cooking but never actually tried it. Today after searching on google for ‘simple potato curry’, I am finally cooking this dish. I never knew it takes so much time to boil potatoes 😦

 Well I made alterations to this recipe. I added a bit more turmeric powder and the gravy has become all yellow. I boiled the potatoes in a pan instead of cooker. I didnt find pepper powder so I added pepper seeds. I forgot to stir the gravy so the potatoes got stuck in pan but somehow I managed it by adding more water. I hope all these changes doesnt affect the taste.

Oh no! I again forgot to stir it. I have to rush. So bye for now and if you want to try this recipe contact me 🙂

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  1. I want to try your recipe. Please tell me how to contact you. You seem to be a very busy person.

  2. Shit!! God save the souls who eat that!! Amen.

  3. So did someone actually eat it? More imporatant question how is he/she?

  4. @meghi and siddhesh – yes my parents and my cousin ate it. cousin forgot to compliment. Mom said its ok and when I tasted frankly I could get lot of turmeric smell :p

    @ gandalf – u r so loaded with meetings these days that u have forgotten that u urself are busy and not me

  5. I guess there is somebody here who will appreciate your efforts 🙂

    I would say not for bad for first timer at all!!! (I compared it with my first cooking attempt 😀 )

  6. Oh wow! ‘Aloo ki Ras Bhaji’ by an amateur would definitely go haywire as in your case! hehe….neway ‘fruits of labor r always sweet’, so although others might be gulping down without letting it touch their palates, you might have admired it!

    Send out an invitation some day so that I can judge how well (or bad) you cook 😉

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