When is this going to end..

“Did you have a near death experience? You see I am doing a research on it” I laughed when Apoorv asked me this. But this reminded me of all the incidents that happened on Jan 1st,2008. What a superb day!

“You know this funda mom. Its always said that we should be doing something good at the start of year because its believed that it continues for the whole year”. My mom gave me wide stare and I understood it was not the time for jokes. The reason-I was going for a blood test on Jan 1st at 8:00 in morning.

I entered the hospital and was waiting at the reception for the receipt when I saw this man who was holding the medical reports. I tried to peep into it.

Disease- Dengue malaria
Symptoms- High Fever, vomiting, severe back ache

I looked at my mom and said, “Mom I don’t think we should be doing this blood test. I don’t have symptoms of malaria. Lets go back home”. But my bad luck!

I entered the room where the same lady was sitting who had taken my blood last 4 times. I gave her wide smile to let her know that we have met before. She gave me a blank stare and asked me to sit down. I put my left hand on the table and asked the same question, “Will it pain?”

She smiled and replied, ”You have done this before and you know that it doesn’t pain”. I realized that she remembered me, after all I had created such a huge chaos when she had taken out my blood for first time. Well it pained when she pricked my left hand and I was almost going to faint when I saw my blood oozing out into the syringe. Damn why did I see that?

Phew!!I thought finally everything is over and no more pricking. But sadly that was not the end. The next day I landed in hospital because my BP went low. My physician told me that its normal fever due to seasonal change and my blood reports were normal with no malaria symptoms. But still I was given malaria treatment because sometimes the malaria parasites are not detected through blood test ( Damn!Then why had I been asked to take blood test in first place.) Anyways, I was then asked to go through second round of blood tests and X-rays.

Now the interesting thing starts. The doctor at hospital who is cardiologist and a consulting physician told me that maybe I have typhoid because my blood reports are normal. I never knew that’s how typhoid is detected! Finally the X-ray report showed that I have pneumonia. And last but not the least I came to know that I had viral fever and I need to take complete bed rest.

I really don’t know what I have exactly but the only thing I know is I want to get well soon and go back to office and work like crazy. I hate to take rest, I hate to sleep. I don’t like this at all. I close my eyes and slowly pray to GOD to make me well soon but frankly I don’t know whether HE is listening to me because I don’t feel that HE is near me anymore.

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  1. i am sure u’ll be all better soon! as one of ur friend says, patience! 🙂

  2. Oh ma’am chill..kya re makin a mountain out of a mole hill!! i hate people who like to sulk..(ok i knw i sulk a lot but i dnt like it!!)..anyway, ur gna be jus fine and ur gna b bloody loaded with work so dont maaro bhaari dialouges like “god is not near me n all!!!”

  3. @meghna-I know its matter of time and I will be fine soon.But I just dont have patience…

  4. i’ve heard that they are selling patience flavored lollipops at ghatkopar super market. give it a shot 😀

  5. Get Well Soon. i will pray for you. My God listens to me, always :).

  6. Yeah, I always listen, except when I am listening to music on my BOSE headphones!

  7. get well soon tweety gurl!!! we miss you!!!

  8. Sneha,
    I am never near you, I am inisde you.
    I dont have to listen you dear because I already know everything whats happening.
    Have full faith in me.

  9. Hey….
    nice blog. The same happens to me when my hard earned blood is sucked out by those creepy doctors. 🙂

    common this is not a near death experience.
    I will write about my near death experience in my next blog.
    cheers keep blogging…… and have patience 😛

  10. Hey, I’m all in awe of the wonderful wings that your mind develops when you think about punching in a blog! Really, you are splen-dourful.
    And I never knew you had pneumonia&^*%^*^*&$$$. What yaar itna toh bataya hota.

    Anyway, you know what, GOD never leaves you. If you don’t find him around, it means HE’s lifted you and is walking for you towards your goal.
    Take care dear and keep smiling…

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