Most interesting journey…

“Hey can you please check whether I have fever?” I looked at her surprisingly with my eyes wide open. The reason for the shock was that girl was a total stranger to me.

It was July and I was going to Pune in bus. This was the first time I traveled without my parents. I entered the bus and located my seat. A girl was already sitting (sleeping) with her huge pile of bags on my seat. Her nose-ring was shining like a Kohinoor diamond and she had this huge makeup on her face. She actually looked like a runaway bride!

I said, “Excuse me! Can you please shift your bags?”

She opened her beautiful green eyes and with a smile, she said, “Oh! I am so sorry.”

I quietly sat down and continued listening to music. After a while, this girl tapped me and asked,” Hi! I am Sakshi. What’s your name?” I told her my name and again, I continued listening to music.

She again tapped me and asked, “Are you a student?” Well, this time I actually switched off my Discman because I knew I would be bombarded with more questions. I replied with a smile, “No. I have already completed my studies.”

“Oh is it? You know what? I am a student and I am studying in Pune. I am doing B.Com and my plan is to MBA from IIM” I was actually wondering why is she telling all this to me when I didn’t even ask about it. I smiled and said, “Ok! Good.” I closed my eyes to get some sleep but I knew that the next question was going to come up soon.

And she shooted again, “Hey are u engaged?” I actually looked at her with shock and asked, “Why are you asking?”

“Oh you see, you have this ring on your left hand, so I thought you must be engaged.”
I kept my calm and said, “Hmm well I am not engaged and I didn’t know about this left hand concept.”

“What’s your age?” Well now she actually recognized my irritated face and smiled,” Oh just asking because you look younger than me!” I started laughing and told her my age. She calculated and told how many years she is younger to me and actually got confused as to why I look younger to her. I wondered, “Phew! What a specimen!”

For the next 15 minutes she sat quietly and then she suddenly got excited,”Hey you know what my brother gifted me??” She actually took out her bag and showed me her doll which was in the form of fairy. I smiled and said it’s cute and then she told me the whole story as to how her kid brother saved his pocket money and gifted her that doll.

Well these were few conversations we had during the journey. There were many more which I think wont be correct to put down here. But after the whole journey I realized that she was the most innocent girl I have ever met.

I finally reached Pune and before getting down, I said, “Bye Sakshi. Nice meeting you.” She opened her vivacious green eyes again and smiled like a sweet innocent kid and asked, “Hey do you know where Senapati Bapat Marg is? I want to get down there and I am totally new to this place.” I am still totally clueless as to whether she reached safely.

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  1. i too wonder weter sakshi reachd safely

  2. I wish I met Sakashi. Then I would have blogged about *all* the conversations that we had, even the ones which are not “correct” to be put down here 😀

  3. LOL! Similarities Abound!

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